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FY21-22 - The Birth of Perth Networking Club

It's the end of the financial year, and it's been an amazing year for the Perth Networking Club!

We've had 17 events and 397 attendees, and we'd like to thank them all so much. Perth Networking Club has donated a total $3,974 to our event beneficiaries and we truly hope that the funds, added business connections and awareness of their not for profits have made a great impact on their communities.

We would like to thank our attendees for making it possible for us to donate to local social, community and environmental organisations that are making a big impact locally. We also want to thank our beneficiaries—the organizations who received our donations and present at our events—for their hard work in providing the incredible services and support to our community through their organisations.

It is our goal to help businesses connect with each other, but we do this while creating sustainable business outcomes through awareness and added connection with not for profits. We believe all these connections strengthen communities and help fuel our economy from a grass roots perspective.

We believe that every business can greatly impact our local community when connects with non-profits or other businesses, and we hope you'll will continue to join us as we move into the new financial year.

What do we have in store for you in the new financial year?

  • We have so much in store with two beneficiaries kicking of July - ThrivEd and Outside of the Locker room. #LETSCONNECT

  • Perth Networking Club Podcast; yes you read that correctly. We are currently working on and planning the monthly Perth Networking Club Podcast! #GETEXCITED

  • Memberships will finally be released. This will mean that we will have dedicated, member only events which will include referrals, coffee catch ups and launching our first speed networking (and guess what...LEGO may be involved) #MEMBERSHIPS

If you are interested in getting the 'Inaugural Member' deal then you need to sign up for the Member Expression of interest below. You will be the first contacted with our memberships and a special deal. Every member with Perth Networking Club will fund a Free Membership for a Not for Profit organisation.

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