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Our Sponsors & Supporters

Our Sponsors and Supporters help Perth Networking Club to continue impacting local organisations through meaningful professional connection. We are the only Networking Club that has a primary focus on the outcomes, connecting business while uplifting the incredible organisations that need our support. As a business community, as humans - we can all be connected through our conscious networking model. 

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Silver Sponsor

Boya, the industrial renewable energy company – an Indigenous led business providing a range of industrial and commercial energy, water and electrical services. Boya is a new generation of socially and environmentally responsible businesses working for Australian industry, Indigenous communities and the greater good.
Read more, Click Here


Silver Sponsor

Findex is one of Australasia's leading providers of integrated financial advisory and accounting services. FINDEX also has a community fund. Their vision is to create equal access to opportunity for people isolated by location or circumstance, through programs which are regionally relevant, nationally impactful and globally scalable. Read more, Click Here. 

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Technology Partner

Comply Group is a tech company that offers solution driven technology for assets, people and places. Comply Group have successfully rolled out tech to solve problems and time in the Surveillance Testing, Vaccination Register, Visitor Management, Contact Tracing and Journey Management space. 

Read more, Click Here. 

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Formal Uprising Partner

Market Grounds have partnered with the Perth Networking Club to provide us with space for our Formal Uprising Events. We appreciate the space and ability to hosts these events in support of our beneficiaries. 

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Business Awareness Lunch Partner

Spacecubed has kindly partners with Perth Networking Club to provide space for our Business Awareness Lunches. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from Spacecubed.

Catering Partner

Joey ZaZa's

Joey ZaZa's are our Business Awareness Lunch Partner. They provide us with scrumptious food every Business Awareness Lunch. They have continued to be a support of the Perth Networking Club and we are delighted to have them partner with us. You can make catering orders or pop in for a coffee, check them out here:

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Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher is the backbone of Perth Networking Club. Rocket Launcher is the reason the club exists and was originally funded. Without the clients that have been build in the Rocket Launcher business, Perth Networking Club would never have been born. Rocket Launcher is a strategic marketing business. Need support, recommendations or want to shoot your business to new heights?


Check out Rocket Launcher now:

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Rocket Projects

Rocket Projects is the sister company to Rocket Launcher. This business is a residential maintenance company. It has also supported the development of the Perth Networking Club. 

Do you need maintenance?
Do you need home upgrades or


Then contact Rocket Projects to see  how their expertise can support you today:

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