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Education & Workshops

Driving Purpose with educational workshops to better humans at work.

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Mental Health First Aid
Workshops & Courses

We offer a range of Mental Health First Aid learning for individuals and team. We at times book out a venue to offer a workshop with a group of people from different organisations and we can book a full workshop of up to 22 people for a single organisation. 

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Workshops

We offer workshops to business and sporting organisations to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community. The workshops can be tailored to your organisation to support inclusion. We provide detailed workshops or overviews. 

Examples of Areas:

  • What is LGBTQIA

  • Inclusive language

  • Correct Pronouns

  • Creating Safe Workplaces

  • What are the right ways to approach things.

  • How to create change and inclusivity. 

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Work Place

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Focused on creating an inclusive work environment, this workshop can address unconscious bias, cultural awareness, and strategies for fostering diversity.

Personal Branding for Executives & Employee's

In our digital world, we need to find ways to build our personal brand as Executives & Employees. Personal branding works well along side business branding. Individual brands leverage the employers they represent and can support great business & career growth.

Examples of Areas:

  • Executive Personal Branding Coaching

  • Employee Personal Branding Workshops

  • Employee Personal Branding Strategy

  • Employer Social Media building off the back of employee personal branding

  • Employee engagement increases on social media (LinkedIn). 

  • Network Building

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