Founder, Guest speaker at Diversity & Inclusion Summit

Perth's inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Summit organised by RedHead Communications launches forward in September (29th & 30th) at the Pan Pacific Perth. Perth Networking Club is delighted announce that Justin Barnes (Founder) will be one of the guest speakers.

Justin will to talk about 'The Future of Sport Inclusivity' with an open and honest account of his lived experiences with anxiety around sport as child to becoming an a Club Leader for the Perth Spectres Basketball Club as an adult. He will cover lived experience in sport, where we came from, where we are now and the future of sport in terms of inclusivity.

RedHead Communications is run by the wonderful Tanya Finnie. Thank you for setting up this summit to share knowledge and experience, support and help people to understand, drive change and focus on inclusions from the corporate to community sectors.

The theme of the event is 'Organisational Inclusion in Practice'.

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