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Donation Tally on the rise!

We all know that Covid-19 has impacted the WA local community, but we forget that at times it hits grass roots not for profits whom do not get funding even harder. The trickle of money they once had dries up even more. Perth Networking Club has continued to drive its events forward even through some of the most high level of restrictions and we continue to make an impact. As restrictions easy (and we announce some exciting things) we would love to see our attendance reach new heights. Why choose Perth Networking Club:

  • Choosing to Network with us and other businesses will see you impact local social, environmental and community organisations.

  • Choosing to make a differen

ce and challenge the status quo through insightful conversations will feed your soul

  • Connecting you business with local not for profit's because together we can learn from each other and leverage from each others success

  • Be a part of a network of people that truly believe in human connection, believe that personal lives and work lives can coexist

  • Believe that business networking does not need to be a 'personal selling fest' - there is a time and place!

Our impact in a very short period of time has shown that we have a place right here in Perth. We want to make a difference to business and not for profits. Together we can really make a difference to our own organisations and impact our community at the same time. IMAPACT AS OF TODAY 09TH MAY 2022:

Perth Networking Club would not be possible without our Sponsors, Venue Partners, Catering Partners & Supporters.

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