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We wanted to share with you what we have been working on for the remainder of 2021. We are pairing with so many incredible organisations to keep you connecting and continue to show support with local organisations while inspiring professionals here in Perth.

October: Mental Health Month In October we will add a second networking sessions which will be a Professionals Lunch. We will be featuring two organisations doing great things in the mental health space locally here in WA. Discussion will be about mental health in the workplace and working towards a culture with less stigma around mental health. It is ok to not be ok. November: Perth Pride Month

There is nothing like inclusivity, so we are pairing up with two organisations in November to discuss Inclusivity in the work place for LGBTQI+ people. The work place needs to 'come out' before your employee's come out. Join us in November for Pride in the Corporate Sector.

December: All about children

We need to look after children in many ways so as it is the month of giving, Christmas and events we want to highlight children and remind everyone that they should not be forgotten about. It is not about the giving of gifts that we are worried about, but their safety & education. Join us to with an amazing organisation doing great things locally for children.

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