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Celebrating 1 year!

How is the Perth Networking Club 12 months old?

It dumbfounds me as a human that time can go so fast yet feel so still. 12 months has rolled around so fast and although the concept, idea and planning for the Perth Networking Club began in June 2021 the first event kicked off in August 2021 with Katie Liew and the The Underground Collaborative!

Our model has allowed up so proved in excess of $4500 back to the not for profit sector along with providing even stronger connections, contribution, support and love to the organisations that became a beneficiary and got to present. The connections and support have and will always be more valuable than the donation we make back to them. Our club is not just about not for profits through, it is a place for human connection where business people can connect and grow their networks, get support while striving for social responsibility in business.

The last 12 months with Covid impacting the City of Perth and events/hospitality space has greatly impacted the attendance at our events but we have continued to push forward. We have not released memberships available on our website and have the rest of 2022 planned full of events.

Firstly, this 12 months would not have been as successful as it has been if it was not for the continue support of my family (Parents John Barnes Sharon Barnes and partner Harvey Dinh), It would not be possible without our incredible sponsors Boya (Gerry Matera), Findex (Bryce Scidone Mark Buckland) and Comply Group (Brendan White). You have all made an impact in my battle to continue to push through some painful months and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I need to also thank Joey Zaza's (Michelle Rechichi) Business Awareness Lunch Catering, Market Grounds & recently The Generous Squire and our incredible Perth Networking Club Hub Partner that truly supports me in so many ways as a Start Up Spacecubed (Shanille Gundry, Chris Tan, Brodie McCulloch).

I feel emotional writing this because starting Perth Networking Club along side Rocket Launcher while trying to drive change in the Sporting Inclusivity space with Perth Spectres Basketball Club has been a

full on adventure and at times have felt the weight of burnout but at the same time I have learnt, I continue to grow and strive for the change we seek in our community.

A special thank you to my business coach Suzzanne Laidlaw for helping to continue to set and reset my foundations.

Thank you for being a apart of this incredible journey! <3

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