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$610 Donated to Underground Collaborative

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Perth Networking Club hosted it's first ever event at Market Grounds on Wednesday 11th August 2021. The event featured The Underground Collaborative with founder Katie Liew inspiring attendee's with her dedication and hard work building the Perth-based social enterprise that exists to educate, empower and employ to create opportunities for women and young people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in WA. 'I am humbled and happy that the event seemed to resonate with so many and we had the opportunity to connect with like minded & worldly professionals. Katie Liew thank you for being our first speaker and for sharing your story. You are an inspiration and truly doing great things here in Perth for people homeless or on the verge of being homeless.' said Founder Justin Barnes.

The next event is live on the 15th September with guest speaker Dean Morris, 18yrs old and founder of GOSAC - Give Our Strays A Chance. Please purchase your tickets here.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Business Events Perth and the WA state government. I do not think it is realised but the grant we have received makes it possible to hold this event and continue to grow with attendance support.


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