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$512.50 going to BlueBird Mental Health

BlueBird is a brilliant organisation that helps to break the 'gap' in our mental health system. Bluebird offers a unique program of support which builds the confidence and skills of their members to self-manage their mental health by reaching out to over 25s living with anxiety and depression. On Wednesday 13th October, Perth Networking Club held it's monthly Formal Uprising event which attracted over 50 attendee's. Amanda MacGregor gave us an outstanding, inspirational and heart felt story about why she founded BlueBird Mental Health. The story was raw, emotional but integral to breaking down the stigmas of mental health and building foundations of support to fill the gaps in our system. Perth Networking Club is proud to be donating $512.50 to BlueBird Mental Health off the back of the event and attendee's. We are proud to be a part of your journey Amanda.

Please check out BlueBird Mental Health to see their support services.

Thank you to Business Events Perth and the WA State Government for supporting out events.

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