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Connecting to WIFI

It is very easy to connect.

Connect to:
Co.Lab Wifi



KitchEN Facilities

The Kitchen is a couple of rooms down (if you are facing the office it is to the left). Help yourself with tea, coffee and water. 

Please clean up after yourself. 


They are located each side of the lifts/elevators. Please use the restroom you feel most comfortable with.

Meeting RoOM

Sometimes you need to have a private chat. The room next to the printer can be used if you need it for phone calls or meetings.


There are monitors on each desk for your convenience. Please plug into your laptop. If you have a specific cable that you need please advise us and we will buy some for future use.

always clean

To make everyone have a comfortable experience we kindly ask you to keep it clean. We pride our space feelingly comfortable, homely and clean. Please always leave the desks clean when you finish. Rubbish goes to the kitchen bins.

Thank you!


If you are the first or the last person in the office please use the light switch near the hat stand. 

Please always turn the light off near the end of the day.

Office hours

Office hours are from 9am to 4pm. You are able to stay later however please note that the lift will close at 4pm and if you leave you will not be able to return. Speak to Justin if you need to arrange a swipe card for the day.

Are you  not a member?

Become a member today. 

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